A NOT SO HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ISTANBUL39 revelers at a nightclub in Istanbul have been reported dead. An unknown gunman walked into the Reina nightclub and opened fire, killing anyone at random. This unfortunate incident happened around 1:15 a.m, as the estimated 600 people ushered in the new year. This has sparked up a nationwide manhunt for the lone gunman.

The scene of the shooting

The club, which is popular among the affluent and sophisticated customers, made it a perfect target for the attacker. Previous terrorist attacks did not hinder the citizens and foreigners alike from ushering in the new year in song and dance. It is famous for the breath-taking view from its balcony and wild parties. Among the people killed were at least 24 foreigners according to a local news agency. Most were from some parts of the middle east, others from Africa and the rest from Europe. Not all estimated 600 were killed, however. Sixty-nine were hospitalized, and there were four who were in critical condition.  Here is a video from the scene *graphic content*.

Reaction to the mass shooting

The attack was considered a terrorist attack though no one accounted for the shooting. In less than a month, this was the fourth terrorist attack on Turkish soil. The Islamic State is quickly gaining popularity therefore gaining support from the masses.

The identity of the man responsible for the loss of lives is unknown to the authorities, says Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. The Prime Minister went on to refute countless claims that the gunman was in a Santa Claus outfit, stating him to be “an armed terrorist as we know it.” The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that terrorists are on the forefront in destroying the country’s morale. He further stated that “we (the Turkish people) will never give ground to such dirty games.” He stressed Turkey’s relentless effort to combat terror and secure peace in the region.

Witnesses describe the ordeal

In the rush to save their lives, a section of the revelers dived into the Bosphorus, while others crawled for safety. A witness reported to have seen a number of bodies in the club, while another told a Turkish news agency that the gunman did not spare anyone who was still alive. Gov. Vasip Sahin narrated the ordeal inside the club. “…the people just wanted to have fun and welcome the new year but he showered them with bullets, having no remorse whatsoever.” The horrific news has taken worldwide news networks by storm and has sent a wave of fear and shock among the people of Turkey and beyond.