With more than 1.44 billion monthly active users and also 900 million daily active users, it can be told that Facebook is the main social networking site regarding the user base. The ever increasing popularity of Facebook has made it a good platform for business. Facebook has some rules that need to be followed by the firm groups or posts but driving traffic to your website is essential. Regardless of the quality of products you sell, without potential buyers, your efforts as a marketer and marketing service fail.

Using Facebook to attract more traffic to website

  1. Make the images big: Facebook posts with pictures get more emphasis from the users than the ones without the picture. For this reason, make the image of your product or service prominent, and you are definitely going to get more likes and shares in this way. Make the photo visually appealing and write a content which is related to the image. Do not forget to put your website link along with it.
  2. Make your updates short: While we are on Facebook, we give more emphasis on the short and regular updates than the big and irregular ones. As you are driving traffic to your website, and the website must have the full description of it. On Facebook, the witty and short updates attract more engagement. As you know that a lot of the people who use mobile for using Facebook, you need to keep this in mind while you are creating the text. Make the updates short, clear and also an intriguing teaser for the blog article.
  3. Ask questions: Questions most of the times invoke a response, don’t they? Use these questions in the right way to get actions from the friends and fans of your product or service on Facebook. Maintain the readership in mind and always keep the questions connected back to the website. Do not forget to keep the questions short, easy to read and relatable to the web page. You can mix up the types of question from the opinion getting trivia to simple problem-solving ones.
  4. Using a short view of your website: Give your fans a taste of the products or services available on your site. This will make the interested people definitely click on the link to the site. Find the perfect thing that concise and offers a flavor of the site.
  5. Host contest on your website: You can generate a lot of traffic just by publishing exciting contests, but we feel that should be related to your website. Do the publishing of this contest through your Facebook page for getting more participants. This is one of the best ways to attack crowd towards your site. There are lots of top brands who are opening contest on special occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving Day to get more customers.

These are the top ways which you can utilize to get more traffic on your website by the help of Facebook.